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Prong Fasteners
PRONG Fasteners are the preferred method of binding any two-hole punched paper accessibly such as Legal documents, File folders, Medical records, Invoices / Order forms, Letters / Report covers and much more.

Aluminum Chicago
Screws & Posts

Aluminium Post and Screws, also known as Chicago Screws, Sex bolts, Binding Posts & Screws are an economical, simple, effective and fast way to hold samples, binders, point of sale / display cases materials or any other part together.

Blind Aluminum
Posts and Screws
Blind End Aluminium Post and Screws eliminates the open end found on the 1/4" and 3/8" posts. Their use is in design finishes for both binding and industry.

Short Steel / Copper / Brass
Posts and Screws
Short Stainless Steel, Solid Brass & Copper Posts and Screws 1/8" to 1 1/3" Binding Post and Screws

Tamperproof one way / pin drive

Tamper Proof Posts and Screws - One way and Pin Drive Zinc coated steel and stainless steel combo drive posts are available in various barrel lenghts, diameters and threads.

Combo Drive

Zinc Coated Steel Posts and Screws Combo Drive - Available in various barrel lengths, diameters and threads. Combo drive.
Stainless Steel Post and Screws Combo Drive

Long Stel Posts
Long Steel Posts Zinc Plated with external threaded cap screws in Bright Zinc plate or Brass color for bindings 6 " and over.

Shims / Spacers
Spacers and Shims - Spacers are used in conjunction with posts and screws where materials must be kept apart for displays etc. Shims take up space on the post length to accommodate the thickness of the material to be bound if it is less than the post length being used.

Poly Post and Screws
Poly Post & Screws an inexpensive and fast way for Binding, Sample Swatches, Loose Leaf Books and Menus. Black and white are standard colors. Choose screw or mallet (softly) for quick assembly. They will unscrew if required. Clear Colorless Poly Post and Screws are available. They work well with clear acrylic display & point of sale stands and push together styles available.

X-Mas Ratchet Fasteners
X-Mas Tree Ratchet Fasteners provide an economical fastening method over a wide range of panel thickness and materials, they are quick, secure and strong.

Poly Mini Rivets

Poly Mini Rivets and Ratchet Binders are identical pairs with internally serrated prongs that ratchet together and provide a variable take-up. Ideal for both ridged and compressible material.

Viking / Flat Screw Fasteners

Viking Screws are available in clear or black 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2" lenghts

Flat cap fastener in clear 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2" lenghts

Grommet and Eyelet
Self Piercing Grommets eliminate the requirement to pre-hole. Eyelets are available in a range of sizes to cover most requirements.
Drapery / Curtain Eyelets

Both Grommets and Eyelets are available in various finishes

Grommet & Eyelet Machines
Grommet and Eyelet Machines electric, foot or hand operated are of the best quality in a range of sizes and features to accommodate every requirement needed.

Die Sets
Die Sets are required to set both Grommets and Eyelets. They are designed especially to accommodate the self piercing Grommet.

Hollow Drills
Hollow Drills available for cloth and paper in an array of diameters to accommodate a large range of different hollow drill machine manufacturers.

Industrial Laser Pointers
Laser Pointers for setting up and running a grommeting hole drilling or location spotting. Two beam types are available. Dot or Cross Hair.

Sample Case Rings & Handles

Sample Book Hanger Hooks

Sample Case Rings with screw together closure for use with large or heavy samples or other situations requiring a strong ring closure. A range of diameters available.
Handles are available with a choice of lengths.

Sample Book Hanger Hooks

Loose Leaf Rings

Snap and Spiral Rings

Loose Leaf Rings come with a broad range of diameters. Colors are available.
Split Key Rings
available in five diameters and various colors.

Poly Snap and Spiral Rings

Hanging System

Sample and Label Hanging Chain Systems made to the job's requirements.

Barbed Strings
for hanging panels, mobile samples

Ball Chain

Ball Chain 12 ball diameters are available in 16 colors and any length.

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