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Frequently Asked Questions

Roladel is a freelance service offered in the Catalog. Roladels are similar to products sold in an online store and start at $10. Depending on the category a Roladel is listed in, sellers can offer either a finished (turnkey) product or a specific amount of work that they are ready to do for the price of one Roladel.

For example, a seller working as a web designer can offer a ready-to-use website for the price of one Roladel. A seller working as a video editor would offer a quantity of edited video instead: for example, 30 seconds of fully edited video. Sellers independently set the price and amount of work included in a Roladel.

Roladel exists to help EVERYONE get, make, and achieve more online with their skills. We offer everything you need to get your services online and thrive, from Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Video Animation, Programming, etc. Great payment methods, world-beating customer support, and extra resources come as standard.

Above all else, we strive to deliver outstanding customer experiences. When you buy a service from Roladel, we guarantee it will be handed over to you with superior standards of service and support. Our primary goal is to build a customer-focused atmosphere filled with the happiest customers in the galaxy. The Roladel guarantee is our mark of excellence.

Roladel is built to protect your peace of mind with different payment options.